Library Gateway: Cumulative Changes Version 2

Based on the class’s feedback we were able to come up with some improvements to the gateway itself:


Time and time again our users and our classmates were thrown off by the “Everything” tab. We are trying to focus on the interface of the gateway more that the tools. We will keep Easy Search, but try another name to manage user’s expectations. In an effort to emphasize the use of the tool as a cursory glance at the library’s resources that is better for breadth than depth and specificity we renamed it “Quick Search.” Further user testing would be beneficial to get a sense for how the lay-user might perceive it.

We do recognize that we might eliminating too many of the horizontal tabs (Books for example); however we chose to go for simplicity for these iterations. More using testing and iterations would need to happen to determine which tabs and what names would be most idea.

In addition, a number of people spoke to their frustration with the Library Locations and Hours page. Those two features go hand in hand and will be consolidated:


Now there will be one link that leads out to a unified page that is discussed in the Library Hours & Locations post.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!


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