Library Hours (Iterations)

Clicking on “Library Hours” from the Library Gateway currently takes the user to a table of library hours. Due to all the text, the table with the library hours does not begin until just above the fold:The Original Hours Page

We decided we wanted to pare down this information. Some of it was redundant or seemed unnecessary on this page. Acronyms were unfriendly to people new to the library, so we tried to spell them out as we encountered them. We were able to play with the html for this portion of the site relatively easily, so our first iteration looks fairly polished:

Hours Page, Version 1

Hours Page, Version 1

Another sweep of the text left us feeling like there was still a bit too much. We also removed the asterix and dagger notation indicating which libraries are outside the main building and  which libraries have “Other access possible for Institute researchers.” They are also noted at the bottom of the page. The listing of the buildings link out to maps which seems to address location.

Hours Page, Version 2

Hours Page, Version 2

While the Main Library Building hours were noted at the top of the page, they were not listed in the table. That seemed like an easy enough issue to remedy, especially as some people may skim over the top portion of the text and scroll down to find the Main Library Building in the table:

Library Hours, Version 2

Library Hours, Version 2 – Main Library in table

This should be a little more straightforward for patrons to navigate.


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