Easy Search Results Iterations

Although the Library Easy Search Results page was out of the scope of our redesigns, so many classmates commented its need for improvement, we decided to spend time working on some potential iterations.

In our first version, we chose to just simplify the page, in the hopes that less clutter would make the page more usable.


In another round, we chose to go more with the results page a patron lands on when searching from the Undergraduate Library page, as this page is more simplified but also provides additional functionality the main library page does not provide.

Ultimately, using this page as a template, our final iteration simplified the results by eliminating extra “matches,” anything with no matches will not show up on the page, and we eliminated Search Engine results since users can easy go to Yahoo!, Google, or Bing to find those results.

What we came up with is a drastically streamlined page with powerful functionality to enhance a patrons search.

easy searchWe would be very interested in what user testing and further iterations would show if the library actually chose to implement such a design.


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